• Apologies as we are currently not taking in consignments due to heavy capacity. We will reopen this service in the future. Please stay tuned for updates which will be posted on our telegram group:


Thank you for choosing to consign your item(s) with us! It’s our pleasure to serve you and to help you find a new home for your beloved item(s). Sit back and relax as our team works to speedily sell your item(s) :)

We accept all luxury brands. However, we prefer Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Chloe, Goyard, Loewe, Burberry, Balenciaga etc.



1) Starting The Consignment Process

To start the process, please email in to

Please title your email in the following format (Please replace italicised words with your own information)


In your email, please include the following for each item,

  1. Name of item (to your best knowledge): 
  2. Brand:
  3. Colour:
  4. Material:
  5. Size (if unsure, please provide measurements in cm):
  6. Series/Stamp/Datecode/any form of numbering:
  7. Condition of item:
  8. What the item comes with:

Please also include individual photos of the item(s) along with the following details, so that we can examine and give you the most accurate possible price quotation. We take into account several factors such as condition, season, colour, age and material etc.

2) Getting Your Estimated Quotation

  • Please allow us up to 5 working days to provide you with an estimated quote as we do our market research. If the item(s) are rejected, you will also be notified.
  • The price quoted will be the estimated amount you can expect to take back nett.
    • No additional fees will be charged unless necessary and you will be informed accordingly regarding the reasoning etc.
  • If agreeable to the estimated quote, you may then liaise with us to initiate a pick up via a local consignment service.
    • Pick ups are possible Monday-Friday daily between 10-5pm and will incur a standard cost of $10 (Regardless of whether or not the item sells)
      • You can request for the pick up cost to be deducted from your payout upon sale of the item OR
      • It will be payable immediately if you choose to retrieve the item.
    • The pick up cost can be waived if you’re consigning 3 or more items.
  • Upon recieving the item(s), they will go through a stringent authenticity check and condition evaluation before finalising the payout rate.

3) Final Quotation and Consignment Agreement

  • The final quotation may vary, especially if there is a difference in any of the details mentioned via your email.
  • Once the final payout rate has been agreed to, you will be asked to sign a Consignment Agreement
    • A consignment slip will be issued digitally to your email. We generally list up items on our various platforms within 1-3 working days.
  • We require a minimum period of 45 days that your item(s) remain with us to sell starting from when the item is listed.
  • If you wish to take back your item(s) before that, there will be a $100 - $300 SGD fee per item imposed for the collection of all early withdrawals depending on the item(s).
  • After the minimum period, if your consignment item(s) are still unsold you may either
    • Continue to leave them under consignment with us OR
    • You can choose to ask us to deliver back your item(s) via a local courier service between Monday-Friday daily between 10-5pm.
      • This will incur a standard cost of $10, payable before we schedule the return of your consignment(s).
      • This is separate from the pickup fee which may also still be payable depending on your agreement.

4. Payout

  • Once your item(s) is confirmed as sold, we will contact you and process your payout within 1-3 working days via bank transfer.
  • If we perform any price reduction/ adjustment of your payout rate as part of any campaigns etc we will seek your consent prior to doing so.

5. Warnings

  • Do not attempt to send in any counterfeit items as that is illegal and goes against our policy.
    • If any item(s) are deemed inauthentic after our inspection and/or any third party further inspection, we will return back your item(s) via a local courier service between Monday-Friday daily between 10-5pm. This will incur a cost of $10, payable before we schedule the return of your consignment(s).
    • There will be an authentication and administration fee imposed per item for any counterfeit items. This fee would be 250 SGD for bags or other such higher value goods and 150 SGD for small leather goods, accessories and shoes etc.
  • Do not try to hide or mislead the team regarding the condition of the item(s) as this may lead to an inaccurate estimated quotation being provided to you.